Fotograf Bayern, Hochzeitsfotograf, Landschaftsfotograf, Portrait- und Tierfotograf
Photography outside the box

Discover something new every day. And always with the camera in hand.

I am photograph. My motive is the distance. It amazes me again and again - whether I'm looking for it in the most remote corners of the world or not so far from my own front door. The world outside attracts me, and no sooner am I sitting still in my four walls than it casts me back under its spell. I am happy to share my pictures, the results of this passion, with you.

For me, Beyond Vision means capturing images, places, impressions and emotions in a different angle. Going new ways, developing new ideas and putting passion in the foreground.

I feel very comfortable in many different areas, I don't want to limit myself and commit myself, because you can often combine the advantages of other areas.

The development begins outside the comfort zone.

Here is an overview of my priorities:

✦ Landscapes

✦ Sports photography (snowboard, skateboard, surfing)
✦ Event and party photography
✦ Wedding reports
✦ wildlife photography

✦ Lost Places

✦ Outdoor portraits

A big thank you goes to my good friend and mentor Thomas Hauck.

Marco Potter

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